Courtenay Comox Realty

Local By Nature . . .

Welcome to the most beautiful spot on Canada’s rugged west coast. The Comox Valley is known as the recreation capital of Canada. Skiing, golfing, hiking and fishing are but a few of the outdoor pursuits available here. More and more people are choosing to reside in the Comox Valley due to its unspoiled beauty and quality of lifestyle. Our agents have nearly 30 yrs experience in helping people to buy and sell properties in the Comox Valley. Put our experience to work today and realize your real estate dreams!

Real Estate, Plain & Simple

We feel that the buying and selling of real estate in the Comox Valley should be conducted in a straightforward manner. At Courtenay Comox Realty there’s no room for attitudes or egos, that’s not our style. Our goal is to provide the full range of real estate services while saving you some money at the same time.

And It Shows

We’re firm believers in utilizing the bountiful resources of the Comox Valley. Unlike the big real estate franchises that send money out of the local area, we strive to keep the companys earnings in the community to enrich the local economy. We also create value for our sellers by reaching out to the global marketplace via our website. Nearly ½ of buyers are from outside the local area so we want to do our best to access them.

Rates That Reflect Reality

Appreciation in real estate prices over the last several years has caused realtor commission fees to increase dramatically. We feel that the best place for your money is in your own pocket. All our rates are fully negotiable and we will save you thousands over the big franchises.

Experience + Innovation = Results

Our many years in the real estate industry have taught us that there is no substitute for honest hard work. We also recognize that there is a need to embrace modern technology in order to market our clients properties for maximum exposure.