Buyers Start Here

We Are Your Fiduciaries

The process of buying a home/property is exciting and it can be stressful at times, but a systematic approach will help to keep it positive. At Courtenay Comox Realty we go out of our way to ensure that you find the home/property best suited to your needs and budget. We leave no stone unturned in our search and will utilize all our resources in finding a suitable property. Most importantly, we look out for your interests.

Local Area Knowledge

Our agents collectively have over 40 years in real estate in the valley. To say that we know the lay of the land is an understatement! We use our knowledge and experience to find and identify suitable properties in short order. After an initial interview with the buyer to ascertain their wants we will focus on those areas where we know those properties can be found. Additionally our agents will employ advanced data mining techniques coupled with old school canvassing methods to garner potential leads. We then prescout the properties to see if their suitable. Bottom line is we’re thorough!

Hidden Treasure

We don’t rely solely on MLS listings as we know of many properties off market. These “sleeve listings” are properties whereby the owner has told us that they’re not interested in listing but if we find a buyer to bring them around. Most real estate agents are too lazy to show buyers anything outside of the MLS listings. We proudly offer this service as it is mutually beneficial to all parties and business is conducted in a more relaxed manner.

Hard Work = Great Results

In the summer/fall of 2011 Erik Aase canvassed the comox valley for a 5 acre property for our buyers from Bowen Island. Chris and Jaki had looked at everything on MLS already and had very specific wants and needs. We drove all over the valley, left leaflets in mailboxes, called our “sleeve listings” and put out the word amongst family/friends and associates. In early october our efforts paid off as Chris and Jaki purchased a beautiful one owner home on Lanyon Road in West Courtenay. They were totally thrilled and are extremely pleased with our service.

Bottom line is that our agents give you the inside scoop when it comes to comox valley real estate!

Like most real estate companies we also offer traditional MLS listing contracts whereby a commission is only paid out upon the successful sale of your home. Courtenay Comox Realty charges in the neighborhood of 3-3. 5% depending on the value of your property. Our minimum commission under this model is $5000. All our rates are negotiable and we will work with you to come up with a strategy tailored to your particular real estate needs and goals. Whatever rate is negotiated a minimum of 50% is allocated towards the agent who brings the buyer as we want to ensure full participation from other realtors